July 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

Greetings & Cheers!

Welcome to my 30th Anniversary celebration as an entrepreneur and intrepid innovator of fine wine retailing!

Our new website design, Pantheonws.com, has improved greatly after months of cobbling together leading edge software with sophisticated audio/visual features. Our team is slaving away at populating our wine inventory on line with our own photos, including the OWC (original wood case) gems, to prove their perfect provenance here. In a few weeks, more dazzling features will emerge.

Lastly, we wish to express our appreciation for your patronage with a summer promotion that includes over 30 wines on sale, most of our wine glasses and carafes at 20+% off and many other accessories at up to 50% off! Please contact me if you do not have an opportunity to drop by and we can seek out the relevant candidates for you.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon to toast to my milestone celebration!

A Look Back at Our Evolution

From a modest 1100 sq. ft. showroom in a modest strip shopping center in Deerfield featuring only 280 wines in 1986, I started Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe with just one assistant. Within a decade my wine cellar design and stocking business had outgrown the facility. In 1996 I moved the operation to my custom built shop in Northbrook where it quickly gained international attention for sophisticated merchandising and world class wine selections (aka The Windy City’s Wizard Wine according to Market Watch Magazine in 5/2000). I started Pantheon Wine Shoppe in 2006 by focusing more on rising stars as well as the Best in Class Super Stars of the vinous firmament. It has been a gloriously sumptuous journey! Thank you all for all your encouragement, support and extraordinary loyalty over the years!

To paraphrase the ancient wisdom: it’s not just about the size/score, it’s about how you enjoy it! Hence our mantra of enlightenment, enrichment and empowerment of your senses and sensibilities.

Looking forward to welcoming soon!


Johnson and the Pantheon Wine Team

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