November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

Holiday Greetings & Cheers! 

Our HoHoHo season has started with a loud pop this month! Heeding my advice to ship this year’s holiday gifts early due to El Nina’s severe winter conditions many executives promptly expressed their gratitude to customers and colleagues with very generous presents.

We are especially pleased with our new leading edge gift boxes custom designed by us for stunning presentation impact and advanced safety features for insulated and cushioned transportation. They will convey an image of top quality and sophistication never attained before. Several CEOs commented that our wine gifts have consistently rated most popular by the recipients because they could share the wines with family and friends. The oldest fan of our gift service will celebrate the 30th anniversary this year. We watched both our businesses struggle and thrive over the past decades, but his blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industrial leader that celebrates with our wines at all key events.

Please contact or visit the shop for your holiday entertainment and gift needs. Our offerings have never been this fabulous before! If you wish to order online, please see our new Holiday Gift Service page on the Pantheon Wine Shoppe website.

A while ago I was challenged to come up with some out-of-the-box lifetime oenophile gifts that could rival a Neiman-Marcus catalog dream gift… I accepted the challenge:

A life-time Wine Extravaganza and World Class Wine Cellar

A fully stocked, custom designed world class wine cellar containing the legendary vintages going back centuries and trophy wines rarely seen on earth. The Grand Opening party will commence with a private winetasting session called “The Seven Wine Wonders of the World”, each paired with the most exquisite culinary masterpiece prepared by a star chef. To gain a better appreciation of the top wine growing regions of the world, the recipient gets to visit some of the greatest estates, meet the principals and savor a private winetasting on site. Whenever possible the guests will stay at the estate and enjoy a meal there, too. To gain special insights, I will also act as the expert guide along the way.

Souvenir bottles from sentimental vintages or large format bottles signed by the winemakers will be made available. Some conditions and restrictions are subject to discussions if there is a legitimate interest.

Cost: $8 million+.

Pantheon Wine Shoppe has created such a spectacle for one of the wealthiest persons on earth before! Scaled down versions of this offer are available by contacting Johnson Ho at the shop.

Wishing you and yours a sumptuous Thanksgiving holiday!


Johnson Ho and the Pantheon Wine Team

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