September 17, 2016

September 17, 2016

Harvest Updates

The grape harvesting is in full swing across Europe. The latest intelligence point to another small vintage and very variable quality due to Spring hail storms, frosts and summer drought conditions. The resulting supply shortages since 2010 will mean further price leaps in the coming years and very slim pickings for the great estates.

The West Coast continues to struggle with drought conditions and heat waves in California. A real concern now is the potential smoke contamination of grapes in the path of big fire storms. However old vines with long roots will shine in such dry years.

Our wine selections will shift dramatically in the next 4 years as we avoid underwhelming and grotesquely over-priced wines. We will do the hard research work for you in order to provide you with optimal offerings.

New Arrivals
While the 2013 vintage in Europe generally disappointed us, the Californian reds have stunned us with exceptionally vibrant aromas and delicious opulence. My advance tasting of the 2013 Opus One reached levels of excitement that bordered immoral ecstasy, a highly rare occurrence! A rather small harvest and severe barrel selections ensured superlative quality, this wine may rank among the best of the best of the decade! (I will reserve the “vintage of the century” for another 60 years… in contrast to other oracles…) My large allocation is expected to arrive in October, but I highly recommend that you contact me with you reservation. Price: $288/bottle or $273.60 with a 6 bottle case discount.

Another spectacular, but obscure gem is Overture, the second wine of Opus One at a fraction of the price. Consisting of barrels not used in the master blend, I loved the "little brother” tremendously, especially at the price of $118/bottle, a stunning bargain.

For the ne plus ultra Cab lovers I also have been allocated some 2013 Screaming Eagle and its little brother, Second Flight! Please contact me to join the wait list for an allocation.

The current political skirmishes between the Presidential candidates have largely left me with a bad taste in the mouth. One evening while watching the debates over dinner I wondered what each candidate would serve at her/his inaugural dinner….

Chicken a la Hillary: 2 left wings grilled with smashed smart phone bits and paired with 2016 St. Innocence Blanc de Noirs memories….

Buffalo Lips a la Donald: a pair of huge cracklings spiced with vague expertise, hot bluster, taut racial distraction and pungent self-aggrandizements, paired with Yellow Snow Brut Magnum…


Johnson Ho and the Pantheon Wine Team

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