Luxurious Wine Gifts

For over 3 decades our cosmopolitan clients have shared thousands of compliments with us that the recipients of our Executive Gift Services expressed. They include Nobel Prize laureates, famous business leaders and noted epicurean stars. The consistent notion of having shared our wines with loved ones at special occasions resonated profoundly with all the recipients.  A top quality, caringly curated selection that thrills all the senses and leaves everyone smiling is our specialty. Our highly sophisticated gift presentation packaging always set the stage for classy first impressions.  Our order taking process is easy to use.

If you are planning to send gifts to multiple friends and associates, please see our Gift Service section.

Ultra-Deluxe Wood Presentation Gift Box with Accessories Set

Make a statement of great taste by presenting the wine bottle in a gorgeous velour lined case accented with a full set of wine service accoutrements: A professional sommelier’s corkscrew, a bottle neck drip catching ring, a dripless pouring spout and an easy to use recorker. This impressive first impression will reinforce the top quality of the wine, resulting in a wow effect for any oenophile.  A real gesture of appreciation!

Please note that it will not fit fat Champagne or Magnum bottles. UPS shippable.

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Deluxe Burgundy-colored Panne Velvet Bag

A perennial favorite for a classy, rich feeling and great value presentation option for wonderful gifting of fine wine that expresses elegance without the attention-grabbing drama. Our most popular wrapping option for more casual purposes, it provides universal appeal at a very reasonable cost.

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Top Hat Ice Water Bucket

Our shiny, elegant black Top Hat design ice-water bucket has been the topic of many conversation starters at a celebration parties for more than a decade. Designed to hold up to one Magnum or 2 bottles of regular bottles wine, it instantly adds a deft touch of class to greet guests or accenting the side table at a sophisticated soiree. Reusable and easy to clean, some clients even have taken them to classy picnics or tail gate parties.

An attention grabber that make even casual wines look like a class acts to the uninitiated oenophile. Perfect for celebration gifts year round!

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A.E. Dor Cognac Primer Set

A great learning kit for aspiring Cognac connoisseurs, this set of 4 quarter-size bottles demonstrate the classic stages of barrel aging for this Brandy (distilled wine) from the Cognac region of France: VS, VSOP, Napoleon and XO, each bottling made from the same wine sources. The progression in richness, smoothness, harmony and toasty expressions are dramatic and enlightening. A great party surprise conversation exercise as the denouement (unwinding phase) of a luxurious dinner! Serve them in a snifter and swirl each serving for a couple of minutes before sniffing and tasting. Great with short bread, mild cookies and dried fruit.

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