Mysteries of Burgundy

Spring into Burgundy’s Allure, Agony & Ecstasy in April!

We often hear the admission “I don’t get Burgundy” from baffled novices. In recent years that sentiment has turned into “I can’t get (great affordable) Burgundies (anymore)” from frustrated veteran fans.

This tormenting dilemma has unfolded in the past 7 years due to non-stop crippling growing seasons compounded by the emergence of strong Asian demand. When a couple of Burgundy lovers accidentally found our shop recently their exuberant responses to our selections resembled the old French quote “uh, Chambertin… the second greatest pleasure in life, but I had it a lot more often…”!

For the past decade, I have diligently curated a fabulous collection of gems from top producers and great vintages, especially the glorious 2005, 2009 and 2010. To the chagrin of many astute business eagles I resisted their advice to cash out quickly at aggressive prices. My decades old wisdom told me that after 3 “vintages of the century” within 5 years, the pendulum would swing the other way at any time. Well, it certainly did with shocking brutality. Perennial Spring frosts, hail storms and other issues crippled the yields from 2010 to 2016. Only the 2015 vintage emerged as excellent in quality albeit small in quantity.

Now my treasure trove of pristinely matured gems is ready for its debut. We will dedicate the month of April to a series of fascinating tastings to illustrate the nuances of geography, oenology, philosophy and food affinities in this most fickle of all wine regions. For opera fans Pinot Noir, especially from the Burgundy region, vinously captures the Sturm und Drang of “la Dona e mobile” (the classic “the Lady is fickle” aria from Verdi’s opera Rigoletto).

This will be a lifetime revelation for any aspiring oenophile of the elusive mysteries of Burgundy. It also packs plenty of fascinating historical and cultural insights rarely revealed! Novices are welcome because no prior knowledge is required to appreciate any session, just a clean palate and an open thirsty mind.

An Introduction to Burgundy
4 p.m. Saturday, April 8, 2017, $68/person

Our primer to the fundamentals of the growing regions provides pragmatic insights into the how, when, why and who of the Burgundy region to separate the suspects from the prospects. Proper pronunciation and culinary advice will turn you into a cosmopolitan bon vivant with ease, too! This immersion session has consistently ranked as one of the most valuable stepping stones to progress from anxiety to exhilaration by alums for over 33 years. A veritable bargain.

The White Flight: from delightful quaffs to divine Grand Cru
4 p.m. Saturday, April 15, 2017, $98/person

The Chardonnay grape as it moves from Pouilly Fuisse in the south to Montrachet further north, increasingly develops opulence and sensuality that seduces all the cranial nerves initially and concludes with a yearning for “encores, s’il vous plait”! A true revelation of the naked truth behind the scenes. Rated R (ravishing delights)…

The Southern Red Belles: the Cotes de Beaune’s voluptuous charms
4 p.m. Saturday, April 22, 2017, $98/person

The southern portion of the prime Burgundy region serves as the home to a luscious style of Pinot Noir long favored by gourmets looking for generous berry/cherry brimming aromas to pair with dark poultry and savory cheeses. We will explore this sybaritic style that made Pommard a classic choice with sumptuous haute cuisine recipes.

The Mystique of Complex Attraction: Cotes de Nuit’s potent dilemmas
4 p.m. Saturday, April 29, 2017, $148/person

This highly intimidating section of Burgundy prides itself for having an illustrious history of passionate fans going back to Julius Caesar and the French royalty. The sheer complexity of its aromatics, flavors, profound strengths, vibrant acidity and primal appeal has no peer in the fine wine world. They evoke thrills akin to a regal tour de force for the mind, body and soul! An expensive, but fabulous epicurean seduction that is legal, ethical, moral and healthy…!

A Burgundy Extravaganza: 7 glorious crown jewels of Pinot Envy
4 p.m. Saturday, May 6, 2017, $298/person

Our legendary All Stars symphony of the senses illuminates the dazzling beauty of tiny vineyards packed with glorious endowments. We also enrich each of them with the fascinating context of aging, food pairing and historical significance. Sample what some of the royal coronation banquet wines of past centuries taste like !

Due to very limited seating, advance reservations are required by contacting us.
If your schedule does not allow you to participate in any of the above events call us please. We may add special sessions at mutual convenience.


Special discount pricing will be offered for the featured wines.