Wine Cellar Consulting

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Distinguished Design, Construction and Stocking Consultant

Hundreds of wine collectors nationwide have sought out Johnson’s expertise in designing and stocking custom tailored wine cellars. His pioneering innovations range from properly angled display racks for visual drama without drying out corks, custom engineered curved corners for easy access and cool LED illumination represent just a few of the many features that distinguish his 780+ creations in the course of 33 years. Unlike regular architects or designers Pantheon Wine Cellar Consulting ensures that highly sophisticated technical requirements are met in order to achieve optimal solutions. His creations grace hundreds of mansions and many top restaurants from Connecticut to San Diego. All unrivaled in superb functionality and sensual appeal!

Many feature articles about his achievements have appeared in publications ranging from The Chicago Tribune to Sheridan Road Magazine and North Shore Magazine et al.

His special access to rare wine library releases and stunning large format bottles of world class estates has astonished veteran super collectors, e.g. Double Magnums of Romanee Conti, Chateau Petrus and Imperials of Opus One.

After a diligent conference on the goals of the client for the collection, Pantheon Wine applies a brilliant and proven methodology to calculate the ideal balance for the collection. Some clients have seen the value of their collections rise by multiples within a couple of decades. Others have heaped praises for the perfect wine that helped to turn key celebrations into lifetime memories or even inspiring to name a child after the wine that probably preceded his conception…! Pantheon Wine Cellar Consulting’s repertoire ranges from Neoclassical to Oriental and modern Hi-tech.

Please use the form below to request additional information or to start a project. If you prefer, please give us a call at 1-847-498-1414.