1963-Delamain Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac

Bottle Notes:

This Cognac has been produced from grapes harvested in 1963, from a vineyard situated in Bonneuil in the Grande Champagne region.  This Cognac has been aged in a well seasoned oak cask to protect its finesse and elegance.

Delamain imposes on itself a very strict process for the control of the ageing of its Vintage Cognacs by placing its cellar under the strict control of the BNIC (Cognac official trade association).  The BNIC's controller detains one of the keys of this double locked cellar while the Cellar Master keeps the other key.  Naturally the first needs the second to be present in order to open the door.  The bottling itself occurs in the controller's presence.  Following all this process, Delamain may release these Vintage Cognacs in complete respect of the law. 

While the BNIC ensures the authenticity of the vintage, the exceptional quality of these rare Cognacs is guaranteed by the signature placed upon them from the House of Delamain.  The 1963 vintage is a bench mark in terms of age and quality, with its lingering nose of autumnal notes and leather, with its rich and complex fruity, nutty and lingering mouth finish.

Only 30 bottles of 1963 were shipped to the USA in 2013.

This bottle is No. 14/30

Delamain Cognac

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