2005-Chateau Le Bon Pasteur

“Shuh-Toe Luh Bon Puss-Toyr”

This precious gem has undergone a miraculous metamorphosis within the last couple of decades and hit bull’s eye with this top vintage!  Located obscurely in Pomerol and overshadowed by the legendary Chateau Petrus, this Merlot dominated wine was the birthplace of the most influential consulting wine maker in the world, Michel Rolland.  He decided to do his utmost to elevate the quality of the vineyards and cellar techniques to world class stature, a project that required 3 decades.  His magical touch to elicit opulence, balance, elan and charm succeeded beyond expectation with this vintage when the grapes ripened under ideal conditions.  Lots of jammy blackberry, black currants, plum flavor prevail before a discernable dark chocolate undercurrent make this sumptuous treat a real bargain.  Fantastic with lean, flavorful cuts of meat, e.g. brisket, leg, shoulder cuts or venison, lamb, buffalo besides salamis or jerky after 1 hour of decanting. Best 2016 – 2025.

Chateau Le Bon Pasteur

$ 175.00 
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