2005-Louis Roederer Cristal Brut

“Shum-pane Lou-Ee Rowe-duh-ruhr Kreess-tull Brewt”

The favorite bubbly wine of the Tsar Alexander II of Russia, he asked that the producer make a special batch bottled in an exclusive lead crystal vessel with the Russian Imperial Crest adorning the gold leaf label.  It was served only at special celebrations in the palace’s banquet room.  When the Tsar observed many guests taking the empty bottles home as souvenirs, he angrily smashed the bottles and matching glasses in the fireplace before leaving the party.  That started a tradition still practiced in Europe.  These special batches are only produced in the finest vintages from the best vineyard plots and aged additional few years before release.  Brilliantly clean and crisp in taste it has been the most prized partner with Malosol (minimally salty) Beluga caviar or lobster medallions.  An imperial treat!  Serve lightly chilled (quarter bucket full of ice and rest with water in a deep bowl or bucket) let the bottle rest undisturbed for ½ + hour.)

Louis Roederer

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