2008-Chateau de la Genaiserie Coteaux du Layon Saveur

Coteaux du Layon, Loire Valley, France

"Sav-Ir du Shat-toe day la Jen-Nay Say-ree"

Grown in the heart of the Loire valley, aka the chateau country, the Chenin Blanc grape excels in expressing the Granny Smith apple and honey pear aromas found in the Vouvray region, around the city of Tours.  The noble sub-section of Coteaux du Layon specializes in late harvesting the grapes in order to obtain a concentrated, slightly over-ripened quality redolent of ripe peach and tropical fruit flavors.  Slightly salty and spicy dishes as well as rich cheeses pair well with the wine after 5-10 years of aging.  Thirty minutes of aeration in a carafe and re-poured into the bottle that is left uncorked in the refrigerator is ideal. 

Chateau de la Genaiserie

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