2009-Domaine Leflaive Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles 1er Cru

Premier Cru Les Pucelles, Puligny Montrachet, Burgundy, France

"Doe-main La-flayv Pew-lee-nee Mon-ruh-shay lay Pew-cell Premier Crew"

A legendary beauty for centuries the "Maiden's vineyard" has always been overshadowed by its neighboring Montrachet Grand Cru benchmark. While marginally less opulent its opulence and noble traits still shine brilliantly. The citrus, apple, pear, plum and white peach aromas precede a swath of silky textured crescendo of lightly toasted cashews, hazelnut and pie crust that linger on the palate. A fantastic partner for pheasant, squab, chicken, rabbit, and mild seafood dishes, after 1 hour of cool decanting.


*A note from Domaine Leflaive included in the original wooden case*


Mild, regular spring weather followed several heavy winter frosts, bringing on budburst at the beginning of April.

The month of May was fine and sunny, though not particularly warm.  As a result the vegetation grew steadily and the vegetative cycle continued its advance.  The first flowers were noted on the 22nd of May and the last on the 6th of June, with full flowering on May 27th & 28th.

June and July were marked by heavy rains over short spells.

August was magnificent, with timely rainfall interrupting long sunny spells and with very hot weather between the 13th and 20th of August - the finest month of August since 2005.

These conditions were very favourable for ripening the grapes and we started the harvest on Saturday, September 5th, finishing on the 11th at the end of the morning - with warm, sunny weather throughout the week. 

The grapes for the Cuvee des Climats du Coeur were harvested on September 10th.

The musts - rich, powerful and full of sunshine - were run into barrels quickly and were soon bubbling in the cellar.

Once fermentation started, it continued and ended by autumn. 

Malolactic fermentation had just begun when winter arrived; before winter was over it was completely finished, earlier than in 2008.

Maturing was classic, and following 12 months in cask the first racking off took place; bottling should be carried out at the end of winter and start of spring 2011. 

The wines are rich, with lots of fruit and mineral character.

They can be appreciated at the earliest:

Bourgogne Blanc starting in 2012

Puligny-Montrachet starting in 2013

Premiers Crus starting in 2014

Grands Crus starting in 2015

Montrachet starting in 2017


Domaine Leflaive

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