2009-Espectacle del Montsant

Catalonia, Spain

“Es-peck-tuckle dell Mont-sunt”

Located in the “arm pit” of Spain’s  prestigious wine country due to its history of rustic quality (powerful without elegance).  Only within recent years the first generation of college educated offspring of the dirt farmers learned to tame the intense astringency and “gamey aromas” (bacterial barnyard flaws due to non-clean cellars.)  Montsant gained some respectability starting a decade ago.  This wine is called “Spectacle” because it showed the wine world that its natural potential was merely detracted by lack of literacy and operating capital (heavily subsidized by the European Common Market.)  This particular star is comparable to the Cubs winning the pennant for the first time…!  Decant for 2 hours and serve with hearty, smoky and mildly spicy dishes (salami, goulash, oriental, TexMex BBQ).


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