2010-Chateau De La Gardine Chateauneuf Du Pape 1.5 Liter

Chateauneuf Du Pape, Rhone, France

“Shuh-Toe da luh Gar-DEEN”

For those looking for a versatile, hearty, mellow and savory red wine that can complement a picnic, garden lunch or backyard grilled dinner with class and pride, a great vintage Chateuneuf du Pape (“Shu-Toe noyf dew Pup”) remains the wonderful workhorse at very reasonable pricing.  Loaded with black cherry, plum, blackberry and a hint of black olive flavors, it embraces Mediterranean salads, tomatoes recipes, grilled to BBQ’d meats/sausages to cold cuts with panache.  A great alternative to big Cabs, Merlots or Syrahs for those not favoring high oak, alcohol or tannic acid expression or seeking safe and popular over prowess, decant for 1 hour prior to serving. Best 2016 – 2025.  The “deformata” bottle shape is a reproduction of typical hand-make glass flasks before modern mechanical fabrication methods corrected the sagging trend of hot glass on a cooling wood bench.  (Magnum Format)

Chateau De La Gardine

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