2010-Chateau Fortia Chateaunuef Du Pape Cuvee du Baron 1.5 Liter

Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone, France

2010 Chateau-Fortia Cuvee du Baron

The Baron Le Roy de Boiseaumarie (“Buh-Ron duh Boo-uh-zo Muh-muh-ree-Ay”) pioneered the concept of a registered membership association that required adhering to the best quality practices known to assure customers that they were consistently getting superb quality wines.  It became such a success that other regions adopted the same practice.  That model became the modern AOC registration wine law that governs most of the premium wine business around the globe.  The paradigm estate, Chateau Fortia, remains a showcase for top quality in the Provence region of Southern France.  A generous bouquet of red and black fruits flanked by dried floral and herbal notes gives way to a sumptuous overture of plum, cherries, blackberry and dark chocolate aromas and a vibrant palate cleansing rush on the palate. Ideal for Provençale cuisine and grilled dishes with hearty salads and vegetables.  A real wow partner for eclectic fusion meals, especially with Asian, Caribbean or Mediterranean spices.  A tremendous bargain at $39.97 and fabulous for current enjoyment after 1 hour of decanting.

Chateau Fortia

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